Our Values

Biblical, Missionary Christianity

We will uphold the uniqueness of Jesus Christ, crucified and risen, the only Lord and Savior of the world, and the authority of Scripture, the rule and ultimate standard of faith. We will embody a passion to lead every person in each generation to new life in Jesus Christ, learning to follow him as Lord and Savior, in fulfillment of the Great Commission, globally and locally.

Vision for God’s Will

We will always seek to follow God’s vision for our lives and ministries, believing that we are in a dynamic partnership with God that shapes our vision according to the divine will and purpose.

Spirit of Prayer

We will bathe everything we do in prayer, seeking to follow the mind of Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Spirit of Unity

We will forge lively strategic partnerships with biblically faithful Christians of all jurisdictions to carry on the work of the Gospel as God leads us.

Spirit of Service

We will reach out with the compassion of Jesus to serve our communities, that they may be transformed by the love of Christ through us. We will serve one another as we work together as one Body in Christ, making sacrifices for one another, always identifying and equipping new servant leaders for the Church.


We will strive to do all of our work with a standard of excellence that is a compelling and transforming witness to the Gospel.

Good Stewardship

As good stewards of the human and financial resources given to us, we will be prudent, transparent and faithful in order to ‘bear much fruit’ and remain accountable. This also means that we will embrace risk as a necessary element in founding new churches and overcoming obstacles to carry out our mission.


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