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Both 2017 Coaching 101 Workshops were Sold Out!

Keep your eyes open for the 2018 dates.

What will the Church look like when its leaders discover what God is calling them to do, and then do it?

Coaching raises the effectiveness of clergy and other leaders in their investment in others, and accelerates the goal-reaching process. Incorporate its skills into your personal and lay leadership development, and imagine the impact coaching could have on your congregation and community.

Coaching 101 participants dig deep into the coaching process, explore techniques for asking powerful questions, practice being an active listener, and leave prepared to coach others at a basic, and effective, level.

Here is what leaders have said about coaching’s impact on their ministries:

“Coaching has been the single most helpful thing for me in ministry in the past two years.  [My coach] helps me to ask questions and to seek answers about the ‘big picture’ of my ministry that I do not talk about regularly with church leaders.  Our time together has truly propelled me in ministry.”

“Coaching gives me an objective person to bounce ideas off.  It helps to think through ideas more thoroughly, which results in creating more coherent and strategic action plans for successful implementation. “

“One of the greatest challenges in ministry is staying focused in the face of distractions and competing expectations. Coaching has helped me to name and own the vision, and focus my energy and time on the important in the face of the urgent.  It has also helped me to use my creativity much more effectively in that process.”

This workshop is open to anyone interested in developing coaching skills, but is a prerequisite for Titus’ Coach Certification candidates.

Want to learn more, or are you interested in bringing Coaching 101 to you and your team? Questions can be directed to Titus Managing Director Jenni Bartling by emailing

Titus Coach Certification Process

The Titus Institute prepares clergy and lay leaders to coach others in order to help them fully develop their ministries.  This process utilizes the discovery methodology of coaching designed by Dr. Bob Logan and our work is done in conjunction with CoachNet International Ministries.  Full training normally takes nine months to one year to complete, and involves the following stages:

  1. Orientation
    You’ll experience two coaching sessions with a coach mentor, working through Coaching 101 by Bob Logan and Sherilyn Carlton.
  2. 1.5 day Coaching 101 Workshop (See above. Next workshop is June 2-3, 2017, in Pittsburgh, PA.)
    During the Coaching 101 workshop, you’ll dig deep into the coaching process, explore techniques for asking powerful questions, practice being an active listener…and leave prepared to coach others at a basic, and effective, level.  (This workshop is required for Coach Certification candidates, but is open to anyone interested in developing coaching skills.)
  3. Experience (Field work)
    During this stage, you’ll coach two people for six sessions each. You’ll also work with a coach mentor for six sessions to grow in your coaching capacity.
  4. Assessment
    You’ll receive feedback from your field work and complete the Online Coach Assessment.
  5. 1.5 day Certification Workshop
    You’ll attend the Developing Coaching Excellence workshop, focus on personal coaching competencies and create a development plan for continued growth.
  6. Recommendation for certification from coach mentor
  7. Candidate receives certification (upon completion of all requirements)

The cost for the Coach Certification Process is $2495; this fee covers your Coaching 101 book, Coaching 101 Handbook, Developing Coaching Excellence Handbook, DiSC Inventory, Px12 Performance Profile, CoachNet subscription and CoachNet Online Coach Assessment, both workshops and all coach mentoring sessions.

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