New Every Morning Retreat Center

Alone … undisturbed… unplugged…. quiet – all are elements of time spent apart to renew and strengthen your relationship with God through the power of His Spirit.

Most folks would agree that if you fail to properly maintain any piece of equipment it will eventually stop working efficiently and at some point fail completely.  While you may not be just any ordinary piece of equipment, you are likely quite essential to your ministry operations and are a highly valued leader of your local spiritual community.   Hopefully you would also agree that to keep the ministries of the church centered on the lordship of Jesus Christ and to continue growing in the power of the Spirit, it is important that you take the time necessary to stay connected with the Father.  Even Jesus found it necessary to find time to get alone and hear what His Father was saying to Him.

New Every Morning B&B provides just the place for you to get refreshed and renewed to strengthen your relationship with Christ and experience His life.  We are able  to provide materials to help guide our guests to experience the life God intended for us.  Christ is our life and our desire is that through some time at New EveryMorning B&B  that you , too, will experience the abundant life now.

Visit our web site at and then call or email us to schedule some time with us at a place where His compassions never fail.  They are new every morning.



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