Our Purpose

The Titus Institute is a non-profit organization that exists to plant and grow new churches.  Our focus is on developing Leaders, Church Plants, Church Multiplication Networks, and Partnerships.


We are dedicated to recruiting, assessing, training, coaching and supporting the catalytic leaders who will plant the new churches in the 21st Century.  It is our belief that new churches are the most effective means of seeking out those who are estranged from God and bringing them into a Spirit-filled, life-transforming relationship with Jesus Christ that will impact not only their lives but their communities as well.

Church Plants

The Titus Institute for Church Planting utilizes a church planting process that is in conformity with the best available research on the topic and has been consistently successful in planting churches across the country over the past 15 years. This process describes the major milestones necessary to provide a solid foundation for the new ministry.

Church Multiplication Networks

We build church planting networks whose purpose is to populate whole regions with new, Great Commission congregations. These networks coordinate the essential functions that are necessary for new churches to be created on a consistent basis, thereby making church multiplication a normal expectation instead of an occasional event.


We work cross denominationally to build partnerships among the critical partners that are necessary to establish a church planting movement of this magnitude. We see four primary parties that need to be linked together in this work:

Ecclesiastical Jurisdictions: These are networks of individual congregations, interdenominational alliances, or denominational bodies. They represent those who will sponsor and oversee the work of church planting.

Church Planters and Leaders: These are the church planters and the teams they lead who will actually put the new congregations in place.

Church Planting Support Ministries: These are the organizations that provide critical services to the church plants and their leaders such as assessments, training, coaching, and other related support services.

Investors: These are the individuals and foundations that provide the funding necessary to organize, launch and support the new churches.


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