Invest in Titus

Thank You for Investing in What God is Doing through Titus!

Over the past couple of years, the demand for the ministry and myriad of services Titus delivers has grown exponentially. And your support has brought us to this point. Thank you.

You see, the “market” for the consulting, training, and teaching provided by Titus has reached its highest level ever.  There are three fundamental reasons:

  1. Titus’ unique breadth of expertise;
  2. Titus’ well-earned reputation over our nine years in existence; and
  3. Rapidly increasing levels of demand for services by plants-in-formation, new congregations, established churches (and their oversight bodies), as well as seminaries.

But Titus needs your help today! We can’t do this without you.

To respond to the Church’s accelerating need for training from a truly experienced leader in church multiplication, Titus needs the means to answer the call.   The resources of Titus need to be shored up NOW.

As you can imagine, there are many church planters not yet fully funded, who still tirelessly grow the Church.  Now there is a crying need for Special Scholarships to provide:

  • Assessments for church planter candidates
  • Transportation to training events
  • Subsidies for coaching costs of church planters and/or their spouses

All the above has accelerated into an urgent need for your help!

And now, we are close to releasing a tool to make most of what Titus has to offer incredibly accessible! Titus Online, our web-based training project, makes it possible for Titus to be better stewards of time and money—yours, ours, and those we serve. We look forward to providing men and women from all over the world training in the essential elements of planting a healthy church. On-demand access, coupled with centralized, ongoing updating of materials and feedback from the field all go a long, long way to maximize the efficiency of Titus dollars, while accelerating training and assistance when and where it is needed.

Titus Online has been in development for more than five years. Rollout is slated for 2017.

By the grace of God, what has been described above is converging simultaneously. And it is converging NOW. The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few (Matt 9:37). Titus needs you.

Your investment is needed now. More than ever.

We are asking you to please continue your partnership in this great ministry.  An immediate infusion of funds is critical right now, and ongoing involvement is key to continued sustain-ability for a proven ministry.  Titus ultimately depends upon your regular prayers, your volunteering, and your introducing us to others who love the Church and want to see It thrive. You are needed to help us to be faithful to our mission, and continue delivering the training and support for planters and churches in a world dealing with Twenty-First Century problems.

Please don’t put off the opportunity to take action in this very important season for the Titus Institute for Church Planting. Your investment today will have eternal returns.

Thank you for thinking about this request for action.  Do not do anything without first having a good conversation about it with the Lord, though, please. And know that our partners in ministry are on the Titus prayer list.

“The Lord used Titus at a critical juncture in our development. Titus helped us discern both our vision and mission through a series of meetings, retreats, and leadership coaching that revealed to us a clear path forward and those things we needed to do to get there. That time with us helped to lay the foundations of the growth that the Lord has provided.”                                                                                                              The Rev. David T. Drake, Church of the Resurrection, Baltimore

“…training leaders in every city to finish the work God has given us…” (Titus 1:5)



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