Titus Schedules Discernment Interviews Year-Round!

In the assessment process, we come alongside leaders to help them discern if the ministry of church planting is a good match for them. We want to be sure that the right planter is in the right place at the right time. We do this by work with the church planting candidates to identify and define their God-given talents, acquired ministry skills, personal temperament and behavioral style, and show how these match up with the intangibles required to plant a church successfully. The results identify where the candidate stands in relationship to the thirteen most essential qualities that are needed (as identified in the research of Dr. Charles Ridley), and recommends a plan for continuing development.

The process takes place in three phases:
  1. It begins with an informal, on-line “pre-assessment” questionnaire that can be completed at the candidate’s own pace. Available at anytime by emailing 
  2. The candidate takes additional personality surveys, and engages in an in-depth, behavioral interview (with their spouses, if applicable) lasting several hours. This can take place anytime before participation in Group Exercises.
  3. The final phase is a one and one-half day of group exercises with other candidates. 

Upon completion of the assessment, a comprehensive report is prepared that details the assessors’ recommendations and presents a development plan based on the combined results of all instruments used.  The process is designed to give a picture–one as thorough as possible–of the candidate’s aptitude and readiness for church planting.

While the assessment process should never be used as the sole determinant of whether or not a candidate pursues church planting, it is extremely helpful in their discernment process by giving them personal insights based on solid data and analysis that will inform their decision-making.


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