How are Your Church’s Vital Signs?


Designed for congregational teams, three ReMissioning training days are presented three times over a four to five month period. The workshops are comprehensive, and participants should plan to attend all three. (The same workshops can be presented on-site, at your preferred location.)

Titus is entering into relationship with Asbury Seminary to provide ReMissioning help to congregations in the Anglican Church in North America. The ReMissioning Church Assessment tool, developed by Asbury’s Dr. Winfield Bevins, equips congregations to perform a self-assessment of the overall health of their ministries.

Over the past 10 years, Titus Executive Director Tom Herrick has developed a process to assist clergy and lay leaders to increase their congregational health and vitality, utilizing self-assessment tools such as Natural Church Development and the one now being offered by Asbury.

Titus’ Missional Planning process now works seamlessly with the ReMissioning Church Assessment tool.

“Many churches in the United States have either stopped growing or are in decline. In America, 3500 – 4000 churches close their doors each year,” Winfield noted.

“ReMissioning is a term that we use to help churches discover and live their mission by providing coaching, consulting, church health assessments, and training events for church leaders and local congregations”.

“This collaboration positions Titus to be an excellent resource to an expanding number of ACNA churches who would benefit from ReMissioning workshops, consultation, and coaching,” added Tom. “Because we know that healthy churches plant healthy churches, ReMissioning is an important piece of what God has called us to do.”

Winfield and Tom also serve their dioceses (the Diocese of the Carolinas and Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic, respectively) as Canons for Church Planting.

ReMissioning Workshops provide the opportunity for leaders to work out their ideas together and gain clarity and agreement about where they are going and how they will get there.  The planning process is helpful for new churches, existing churches wishing to stimulate growth, and for new networks and dioceses wanting to stimulate and support regional church multiplication.  The process normally includes the following objectives:

  • Identifying necessary goals & milestones;
  • Developing strategies to accomplish the goals & milestones;
  • Identifying the resources needed;
  • Building realistic time lines and budgets;
  • Designing methods for monitoring and evaluating progress;
  • Making course corrections when necessary.

Coaching plans are also available to provide continuing support with the implementation of the plans after the design phase is completed.

Please note: 

ReMissioning training can also be done onsite in a retreat format lasting 1-3 days depending on the challenges being faced, resources available, and the outcomes desired.

A more comprehensive process is also available which can be completed over a period of months for those congregations, networks, or dioceses whether they are just getting started or wishing to grow or retool their ministries through an  intentional change in direction.  In these cases, retooling plans can be designed using a survey which allows  the leadership team to conduct a self-assessment of their ministry to gain deeper insight before devising their plan.  The team meets 2-3 times for extended planning sessions with the Titus coach who facilitates the leaders’ planning process. Email for more information.


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