Church Planter Boot Camps

The Titus Institute offers intensive training in the key principles and practices utilized by successful church planters.  These training opportunities are presented in a four-day “boot camp.”

Our next Church Planters Boot Camp is planned for Summer 2018. Keep your eyes open for the date and location!

Planters are encouraged to include key members of their launch teams in order to provide a common conceptual framework for the work they are undertaking.  Instruction in the core concepts is interspersed with Team Exercises to allow planters and teams to ‘flesh out’ how the principles will be translated into their setting.

The church planting teams leave the training with:

  • A draft ‘Launch Plan’ for their new church in which they have defined the major elements of their ministry;
  • Key strategies fleshed out;
  • Accomplishable major milestones identified; and
  • An initial time line to follow.

The core concepts taught during this course become the foundation upon which the work will be built, and are constantly reinforced during the follow-up coaching relationship.

Accredited seminary courses at the masters and doctoral levels are also offered in partnership with Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.  Executive Director, Tom Herrick, is the adjunct faculty member for church planting and teaches courses each year at the main campus in South Hamilton, Massachusetts.  Complete descriptions are available for all of these courses and degree programs on this site as well as the Gordon-Conwell web site.

Training is also available in a weekend-workshop format. These sessions are more introductory in nature, and are designed to give leaders an overview of the process of planting new churches, critical milestones to be achieved, and serious mistakes to avoid that can sabotage the effort.

For larger groups, Contextualized Boot Camps and Weekend Workshops can also be presented on-site, at your preferred location.

For more information about the Boot Camps, email Jenni Bartling.


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