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Discernment Interviews (ongoing): 

In the assessment process, we come alongside leaders to help them discern if the ministry of church planting is a good match for them. We want to be sure that the right planter is in the right place at the right time. We work with them to identify and define their God-given talents, acquired ministry skills, personal temperament and behavioral style, and show how these match up with the intangibles required to plant a church successfully. The results identify where the candidate stands in relationship to the needed 13 characteristics of effective church planters (as identified in the research of Dr. Charles Ridley) and recommends a plan for continuing development.

The process takes place in three phases:

  1. It begins with an informal, on-line “pre-assessment” questionnaire which can be completed at the candidate’s own pace.
  2. The candidate takes additional personality surveys, and engages in an in-depth, behavioral interview (with their spouses, if applicable) lasting several hours.
  3. The final phase is a one and one-half day Assessment Retreat with other candidates.

You can schedule interviews anytime. Contact Jenni Bartling to learn more.

Coaching 101 Workshop (April 13-14, 2018 in Pittsburgh)

During the Coaching 101 workshop, you’ll dive into the coaching process, explore techniques for asking powerful questions, practice active listening, and learn tools for strategic planning. Attendees leave this 1.5 day event with the ability to coach other ministry leaders at a basic, and yet proven effective, level.

This workshop is required for Coach Certification candidates, but is open to anyone interested in developing coaching skills.

To learn more about the Titus Coach Certification process, click here.

Coaching 101 is portable! If you are interested in hosting the workshop on-site to make it more accessible to your team, email Managing Director Jenni Bartling.

Church Planter Boot Camp (June 4-7, 2018): 

The Titus Institute offers intensive training in the key principles and practices utilized by successful church planters.  These training opportunities are presented in a four-day “boot camp.”

Planters are encouraged to include key members of their launch teams in order to provide a common conceptual framework for the work they are undertaking.  Instruction in the core concepts is interspersed with Team Exercises to allow planters and teams to ‘flesh out’ how the principles will be translated into their setting.

The church planting teams leave the training with:

  • A draft ‘Launch Plan’ for their new church in which they have defined the major elements of their ministry;
  • Key strategies fleshed out;
  • Accomplishable major milestones identified; and
  • An initial time line to follow.

Remissioning Planning Series (January through March in Northern Virginia)

Remissioning provides the opportunity for leaders to work out their ideas together and gain clarity and agreement about where they are going and how they will get there.  The planning process is helpful for new churches, existing churches wishing to stimulate growth, and for new networks and dioceses wanting to stimulate and support regional church multiplication.

Because the workshops are comprehensive, it is too late to participate in the current series.  The same workshops can be presented on-site, at your preferred location.)

Learn more here.




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