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Titus hosts and/or partners with other organizations to hold a number of events. Here is what is currently on the docket:

Natural Church Development (NCD) Mission Workshops: Has the life of your congregation fallen into a rut, doing the same ministries and programs but perhaps not seeing the results you once had? Would you like to re examine your congregation’s mission and goals? What if “fruitful” was an adjective others used to describe your congregation? Clergy and lay leaders in the Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic are invited to attend three workshops aimed to do just!

The Saturday workshops will be held at Truro Church, Fairfax, VA, January 24, March 14, and April 18. Plan to attend all three; these are cumulative workshops, and each builds on the teaching and work done at the previous one.

There is no charge for DOMA members. The deadline to register is January 19, 2015. You can register here:

Here is a summary of what these workshops will cover:

Workshop 1 (January 24, 2015): Leaders will get an overview of the entire NCD process from the Rev. Tom Herrick and his staff at the Titus Institute for Church Planting. This overview will include a review of the church’s vision, mission and core values – the ‘Guiding Principles’ that unlocks the genetic code of each church. It will also explain the Natural Church Development (NCD) process, exploring the 8 ‘Quality Characteristics’ and 6 underlying ‘Growth Principles’ that govern effective church growth, as well as the survey process that will be utilized. At the conclusion of the workshop, leaders will be given survey instruments to conduct with a select group of their members. (Please note: all surveys must be completed in enough time to have the results back before the next workshop.)

Workshop 2 (March 14, 2015): Leaders will review the results of their surveys together and begin to identify their “Minimum Factor” (the church’s least developed characteristic and therefore the focal point for new growth). Leadership teams from each church will work separately with Titus staff to analyze their profiles and begin charting a course to address their church’s needs. Leaders will leave with a clear process for designing a ministry plan that will lead to new growth through effective change.

Workshop 3 (April 18, 2015): Leaders will be led through a process to identify strategies to implement their ministry plans. These strategies will include the design of ministry initiatives, identifying and training leaders, communicating with and insuring their participation of the congregation, and instituting a method to monitor progress and make necessary adjustments.

These workshops are intended for the rector and a group of lay leaders (anywhere from three to seven would be a good number) Please register using the link provided. You can register multiple people at once, or go back later and add people as you confirm their attendance. If you need to cancel a registration, please let the DOMA office know (703-590-5470 or

Coffee and light snacks will be available from 8:30 each Saturday and the workshops will begin promptly at9:00 am and finish by 4:00 pm. Lunch will be provided; donations will be accepted to cover the costs.

Have any questions about the workshops? Please contact either Canon Tom Herrick at 703-817-0602; or Jenni Bartling, 412-913-3907;



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